At SAMSS 2017, the need for a co-ordinated metadatabase of marine top predator tracking and surveys in South Africa was established in the Top Predator Special Session. The role of compiling this metadatabase was given to the Marine Apex Predator Research Unit at the Nelson Mandela University.

We invite colleagues to submit information to the metadatabase, indicating which animals you are studying, how you’re tracking or surveying them, who owns the data, and if you’re keen to be part of meta-analyses. Even if you’d prefer not to collaborate on multi-species projects, we’d still like to compile an inventory of what information does exist.

After the first set of responses have been recorded from this initial call, we will circulate an announcement of the first posting of the metadatabase, which you can also access from this page. The intent is for this to be a living information resource that is updated regularly. So, as you deploy more instruments, and/or survey more animals, come back to this site, fill in the survey form, and we’ll add or update your information.

The metadatabase is a resource for all of us to use, with the ultimate goal of contributing to improved conservation and management of the top predators roaming our seas. Once posted, feel free to browse through the entries, and contact other data owners if you’d like to collaborate with them on joint projects.

Contribute your information to the metadatabase here