Sharing research findings with other researchers is necessary for the field to grow and to initate collaborations between research groups and even different countries. Prof Pierre Pistorius, Tegan Carpenter-Kling and Alistair McInnes share their research on penguins at the 10th International Penguin Conference in Dunedin, New Zealand. 


(Left to right): Prof Pierre Pistorius talks about the AT SEA VOCALIZATION OF PENGUINS, Tegan Carpenter-Kling, presents how penguin blood can be used to determine FINE SCALE ISOCSAPES and Alistair McInnes discusses how GROUP FORAGING IN AFRICAN PENGUINS LEADS TO IMPROVED FORAGING AND BENEFITS TO VOLANT SEABIRDS.

For more information on the research topics please contact:

Prof. Pierre Pistorius: Pierre.Pistorius@mandela.ac.za

Dr. Andréa Thiebault: andrea.thiebault@gmail.com

Tegan Carpenter-kling: tegan.carpenterkling@gmail.com

Dr Lorien Pichegru: lorienp@hotmail.com

Alistair McInnes: amcinnes3@gmail.com

Contact information
Dr Pierre Pistorius
Senior Lecturer
Tel: 27 41 504 2710