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Marine Apex Predator Research Unit

Through the South African National Antarctic Programme, the Marine Apex Predator Research Unit  in collaboration with the FitzPatrick Institute of Ornithology is offering one suitably qualified candidate an opportunity to spend a year on Marion Island collecting field data on seabirds to be used for academic purposes.

The post falls within the project ‘Small Procellariiformes as indicators of ecosystem changes and plastic pollution’ led by Dr.Maëlle Connan (Nelson Mandela University) and Prof. Peter Ryan. The project intends to use small Procellariiformes breeding on the Prince Edward islands, the Tristan da Cunha archipelago and possibly Antarctica as indicators of the health and status of the Southern Ocean ecosystem. One aspect of the project focuses on the trophic ecology of these species while the other uses the birds as biological samplers to investigate the extent and temporal trends of plastic pollution in the Southern Ocean. This project is the first, since the 1980s, to focus on burrowing nesting seabirds.

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