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Marine Apex Predator Research Unit

Dr Lorien Pichegru of NMU's Marine Apex Predator Unit will be presenting a public talk entitled "Advancing marine science tourism" in building 35 room 0004, Nelson Mandela University, Port Elizabeth on 1 August 2017 at 13:00. All are welcome, please RSVP by 25 July 2017 to or (041) 504 2852
Danielle, MSc student, is interviewed about her effort to help conserve tropic 'ghost' birds

A new paper by MAPRU members, Tegan Carpenter-Kling, Jonathan Handley, Ryan Reisinger, David Green and Pierre Pistorius was recently published in Marine Biology. The research formed part of Tegan's MSc thesis and it is the first to describe the foraging behaviour and gentoo penguins at Marion Island using small GPS data loggers and depth sensor. It also describes a novel foraging strategy for seabirds.

The article can be found at the following link:



Jonathan Handley and Pierre Pistorius's paper in Polar Biology describes the first record of a penguin trying to steal food from another penguin underwater.

Dr Ryan Reisinger of NMMU's Marine Apex Predator Unit will be presenting a pulic talk entitled "Cold killers, and other finned and flying beasts of the far south" at Bayworld / Port Elizabeth Museum on 29 March 2016.