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Marine Apex Predator Research Unit

Three field assistant positions are now available at Marion Island: April 2018 - May 2019

Two positions are embedded with in the research programme:

"Southern Indian Ocean Top Predators: linking ecology, oceanography and marine spatial planning needs".

This project will involve distributional and dietary investigation on a suite of marine top predator species breeding at Marion Island (four penguin, three albatross, four petrel and two fur seal species), as well as a subset of conspecifics breeding at the neighbouring French owned Crozet archipelago.

The third position is embedded within the research programme:

"Small Procellariiformes as indicators of ecosystem changes and plastic pollution".

This project intends to use small Procellariiformes (petrels, shearwaters, prions, diving-petrels, storm-petrels) breeding in the Prince Edward islands, the Tristan da Cunha archipelago and possibly Antarctica as indicators of the health and status of the Southern Ocean ecosystem

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DEADLINE: 23 November 2017